Music Buster

A five letter word capable of giving you a million gushing emotions. If you feel what we feel, we might just have the perfect handpainted t-shirt for you! Wear this to a concert or rave with it elsewhere. It’ll look just as cool any-friggin’-where.


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Hey, you! All our products are handcrafted and/or customized on an order basis. Hence, the image shown here may appear different from the actual product depending on the availability of materials. For custom designs, please leave us a message.

Note: Delivery of the same can take up to 15 business days.

100% Cotton | Handpainted | Customized | Water Resistant Paint

• Hand wash recommended.
• Avoid drying in direct sunlight
• Do not scrub on painted areas.
• Store with paper inside to maintain shape.


100% Cotton | Handpainted | Customized | Water Resistant Paint


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